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All about Lane & Co.

Shipping box showing address.

Paper/foil label found on many items.  I have never seen it on a Lane & Co cookie jar, However, some folks have.

Lane & Co was owned by Jack S. Lane. Most of the rest of what I know about Lane is what I read in Mike Schneider's California Pottery book, the info on the site and a Lane & Co packing box photo shown above.  Lane & Co. was located in Los Angeles in 1952.   It moved to Van Nuys by 1959.   It went by the name of Sunkist Creations for a while in the early 1960's then reverted to the original name by 1965 at which time its street address was 14660 Arminta St., Van Nuys, Calif.   I have never seen a cookie jar marked "Sunkist Creations" or see a label with this name.  According to Lane's grandson, Richard Carroll, he sold the company in 1963.    It is thought that in it's final years, it turned into "Lane Ceramics".  This is supported by a Siamese Cat TV lamp that is marked "Lane & Co" in the clay with a lamp socket with a UL label that reads "Lane Ceramics, a Div of CONDECOR".

They made many different items other than cookie jars including TV lamps, ashtrays, multi-section trays and candy dishes, sectional plates, serving bowls, window planters, etc.  Most people think they were both a manufacturer and a jobber.  In other words, they both made their own jars as well as contracting other companies to make the jars they sold and decorated under their name.   Most of the Lane & Co. jars are embossed with "Lane & Co" in the mold or hand written into the clay.  I know that Lane & Co also had a paper/foil label that they used on other items. 

What makes collecting Lane & Co jars more interesting, is the wide variation of color and quality of the decorations.  With Lane Ceramics jars, the quality and color of each jar is much more consistent.   For instance, the Lane & Co "pot belly stove" cookie jar is found in different colors and color combinations, while the very common Lane Ceramics  "butter churn" cookie jar is always the same color and style.

If anyone knows more about the company, how they operated, or knows someone who worked for them, please send me the info.  I also would like pictures of the facilities, staff, work, etc.



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