Care and Handling

Information on the care and handling of cookie jars.

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How to Clean Collectible Pottery

Tips to get those cherished collectibles clean.

Here's How:


  1. Using a soft 2" paint brush, dust entire piece.  A hairdryer can be used to blow duct out of crevices.

  2. If piece is still soiled, check to see if it is cold painted, unglazed or completely glazed.

  3. Line the kitchen sink with thick terrycloth towels, then fill with luke-warm soapy water.

  4. Completely glazed pieces may be put soapy water for a few moments and gently wash with soft cloth.

  5. Do not put cold painted and unglazed pieces in sink, instead wipe gently with a damp cloth.  (Test a hidden area to be sure pieces will not be damaged).

  6. Rinse glazed pieces with clear water.

  7. Air dry on a thick pad of newspapers covered with a layer of paper towels



If and item is cold painted, do not display in kitchen area where grease and grime will eventually adhere to it.


Never soak any ceramic or porcelain item as any minute breaks in the glaze will quickly absorb water.


Never wash items like - Hummels, Village Pieces or Snowbabies.

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How to Pack and Ship a Cookie Jar

Make sure the cookie jar arrive unbroken.

Here's How:

  1. Assemble supplies of crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, plain paper, tape, sharpie and boxes.

  2. Fill jar with excelsior, peanuts or tightly wadded paper.

  3. Wrap jar first in plain paper in some of it is cold painted (to avoid ripping paint off with bubble wrap.)   Never use newspaper as ink could stain the jar.

  4. Wrap lid and base separately in bubble wrap and tape.

  5. Put each piece into a separate small box.

  6. Fill space around piece with tightly crumpled newspaper or peanuts and seal small box.

  7. Put both small boxes into larger box, fill empty space around boxes with more packing, such as crumples newspapers.  Other items that can be used for cushioning include 2 liter plastic bottles for stability and Styrofoam egg cartons cushioning the top or bottom box.

  8. Rigid Styrofoam can also be wedged in for protection.

  9. Put card with recipient's address inside box.

  10. Seal large box with heavy duty wrapping tape.

  11. Use black marker to put address on box.



Don't use flimsy boxes.


Never use Styrofoam peanuts by themselves without inner boxes, they shift too much!


Don't even think of sending a jar without protecting yourself and the seller with insurance.

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