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Information on the people who have contributed to all the information, pictures, links, articles and suggestions.

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Ok, you've found the site and hopefully are interested in Lane cookie jars.  I bet you have some questions; why is it here, who's behind it, and where is it going?  

Site Status as of 08/29/2009...

bulletadditional jar  photos (Cookie Time in Yellow and Green Hive)

Why is the site here?

Well it's not here for commercial reasons.  I collect Lane cookie jars.  I started when I got a Lane & Co Indian in a "white elephant" gift exchange.  It was a couple of years before someone commented they thought they had seen a book listing the jar for a lot of money.  This got me interested and after doing a little reading I found some other jars and started buying them.  Once Ebay got going, I found more jars.  At first I was only interested in jars I thought were made by "Lane & Co".  However, I ended up collecting both companies. 

This site's goal is to showcase Lane & Co and Lane Ceramics cookie jars and to collect information about them and the companies that made them.  However, the reason that got me started with this WEB site had nothing to do with a cookie jars.  I teach a Certificate course for the University of Washington three times a year dealing with the basics of software testing.  I needed a simple class room example for students to practice some concepts of software quality assurance using the WEB.  I decided to construct a real WEB site and let them use it to study testing tools and techniques.  The site I use in the class is not this production site, but some of the pages and updates  are tested by students before I put them up for public use.  

As you can see by the home page, my goals for the site are grand and will need lots of help if it is to grow and improve.  I don't need money...what I do need is material, people to maintain the different pages, ideas, information, relevant links and lots of word-of-mouth.  As long as I own the domain "lanecookiejars.com", no ad banners!

How YOU can help...

I need content!  I am collecting information from a variety of sources, however, most of it is in printed form.  I am scanning it and editing.  If you have the equipment, please submit material in electronic form.  If not, you can send originals to me to scan and return (photos and documents).  Contact me for file formats. 

Tom Gilchrist
14201 SE Petrovitsky Rd
Suite A3-222
Renton, WA  98058

 I need the following:

bulletJPG pictures of all jars.  250 and 500 pixels wide in jpg format "medium" quality.  If possible, also the photo in the highest resolution (and jpeg "best" compression).  These will be used for the catalog/checklist. 
bulletInformation on past, current, and future show  Dates, location, sponsors, etc.  
bulletCollections.  Both private and public.  Who owns what.
bulletWhere can one go to view jars (names, locations, dates, etc) on public display.
bulletSales and auctions of Lane & Co jars.
bulletPhotos, photos, photos
bulletPapers, articles, etc...published and non-published (with permissions).
bulletArticles and papers on the subjects mentioned on this site (like restoration and conservation).
bulletPeople who would be willing to maintain part of the site (again, like the care and restoration pages).

If you know of someone who collects Lane & Co cookie jars, tell them about the site.  Get them to contribute something in writing about how they got started, what they own, stories about Lane & Co, etc.  Below is a list of people I have contacted and who sent material and/or have given permission to use source material.  If somehow I have used material that you have authored and/or own copyright, and I have not given you credit, please contact me so I can rectify the situation.  

Who's behind lanecookiejars.com (in no particular order)?

Author/Owner/WebMaster Tom Gilchrist

My name is Tom Gilchrist and I live in Renton, WA near Seattle.  I am a collector of Lane & Co cookie jars.  I work at Boeing and am an Associate Technical Fellow  in computer software for non-airborne software development (software to run the factory, not to fly planes).  I am active in a number of hobbies including Garden Railroading, Ham Radio, Skiing in the Winter, etc.  I have a home page you can visit if you're interested.  I am not a dealer.  I do purchase Lane jars from time to time.  I don't collect other jars.

I got started when I got an Indian cookie jar at a Christmas party "white elephant" gift exchange about 5 years ago.  I liked it and put it in my family room.  It stayed there for a couple of years and I gave it no thought.  A friend saw it and said she thought it might be worth something.  I did some research and found out about Lane & Co cookie jars and started to collect them.  I now have about a dozen jars of either Lane & Co or Lane Ceramics.

Please contact me if you have any information on the company or the jars.   My email is tomg@tomgtomg.com.

Contributor Description

Donna Bjarson Donna has a fine collection of Cookie Jars and sent me a number of photos of her Lane & Co Rocking Horse jar.
Mark Stevens Helped me find the cat with the Lane Ceramics UL Sticker at www.tvlamps.net and helped with the history of Lane & Co and Lane Ceramics.
Donna Eastep Supplied photos of her cat with both Lane & Co marks and the Lane Ceramics UL label.


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