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Reproductions of Lane & Co Cookie Jars by JD James.  He used to have a WEB site listing the jars and prices (  This site is no longer active (as of 4/2007).  Perhaps he can be contacted via email.    I have  the Sheriff and Indian that he did.  Very well done..cost new from JD is about $200.  I paid more for my repro Sheriff than I did for the original!  These repros come up on eBay from time to time...some listed as fakes, most not.  The only way to really spot them is by size...they tend to be an inch smaller than the original. (not active as of 4/2007

For information on prices of Lane & Co. and Lane Ceramics  cookie jars and other items made by these companies, go to Ebay.  Ebay always seems to have a number of items for sale.  You can find them by doing a search on "lane & co" (with the quotes) or  "lane ceramics"  for both current and past auctions.   Search  both the text and the description.  You don't have to be a registered user to do a search.  These prices are the current Ebay market prices being paid (or not being paid if the asking price/reserve is not met).  Retail paid at a store or show can be much higher!
TV Lamps site specializes on  TV Lamps made by all companies in the 50's and 60's.  It is thought their help I found out about the Siamese Cat TV lamp. (note, there is a, but not the one you want.)



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A Tail of Two Cats

Photo by Donna Eastep

The companies Lane Ceramics and Lane & Co seem to have a connection other than the name.  Some folks say that Lane & Co become Lane Ceramics before they went out of business in the late 60's.  There is evidence that support this.  On Ebay a few years ago I was doing a search for "Lane Ceramics" and got a curious hit...a Siamese Cat TV lamp, which was made by "Lane & Co" with the standard words "LANE & CO. VAN NUYS, CALIF. (c) 1958 USA" written in the mold.   The ad noted that the UL label on the lamp socket read "LANE CERAMICS"  The photo of this socket is shown.  While the picture didn't show the complete label, clearly, this wasn't a "LANE & CO" on the label.  What was more exciting, was the second line "DIVISION OF ....".  I lost the bid, and emails to the seller didn't get a response.    


I decided to contact the Mark Stevens at to see if they knew of such a lamp.  He located a member (Donna Eastep) who also had such a lamp.  The Donna was helpful and sent photos of the cat (the picture of the front of the cat) and the complete socket (shown on the left).  It clearly reads, LANE CERAMICS DIVISION OF CONDECOR.  I tried to contact the UL to see what records they had of the UL certification, but they didn't have old records. 

Photo by Donna Eastep

I found that there were at least two companies called CONDECOR that were around in the 60's and 70's that did arts & crafts sales.  Recently, I purchased a LANE CERAMIC serving platter with it's original box...and sure enough, there is was, the location of both the office and factory.  I did further checking and found that there was a CONDECOR company in Mundelein, IL.  This company seemed to sell a number of arts & crafts including pictures and frames under the name "Decorative Arts".  The Lane Ceramics box states that the factory was in Van Nuys, CA...the final  location of Lane & Co.

Perhaps CONDECOR bought Lane and started a new line of ceramics under the Lane Ceramics name.  Unfortunately, there is no date on the box.  However, except the cat TV Lamp, there is no evidence that Lane Ceramics re-marked or sold any of the Lane & Co items (especially the cookie jars).

    This box contained a serving tray made for sale by S&H stamps for 1 1/2 books.  The tray was marked USA on the bottom with no other markings.  There is no date on the box, so I don't when it was made...I assume the late 60's.
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