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Pictures and information on known cookie jars produced by Lane & Co.  and Lane Ceramics

Since some of the jars were marked with a paper label instead of a mark in the ceramic, the provenance could be open to argument or interpretation.  Where there is lack of a mark in the ceramic, I list the source of the evidence.  From time to time, new jars are found.  Some jars might not even be cookie jars...just a large jar with a lid.   If you know of a jar not listed here, please let me know and send me a photo. 

What are they worth?  Whatever someone is willing to pay for one!  Before the market that Ebay produced, cookie collector books tried to estimate the value based on retail antique stores and past non-internet auctions.  Today, for the most part, the market price is set on Ebay.  Usually a couple of jars are sold a month and the prices vary according to subject and condition.  The cheapest jar seems to be the Lane Butter Churn that has been selling for under $20 (plus shipping).  The most expensive jars tend to be the Lane & Co Indian which usually goes for around $350 and up (plus shipping).  Of course, you get somebody who really wants a jar and the bidding can go up fast.  Retail stores and shops need to make a profit, so expect to pay double the Ebay price in a retail setting or antique show.  The jar you see most often on Ebay is the Lane & Co Sheriff.  I have seen as many as  3 or 4 for sale at the same time.  This must have been their best seller.

Be aware of Reproductions/Fakes of the Indian and Sheriff...see info below on how to spot them.  Sometimes they are worth the price being asked even though a fake!  BTW, I have never seen blue used on any of my cookie jars (except on the Basket of Fruit which I doubt is a cookie jar).

Click the photo for a larger view, click the name for more info (if available) and other examples and/or colors.

Lane & Co.



Comes in different color schemes.  Also have been know to be reproduced.

Indian Chief

Also have been know to be reproduced.

Pot Belly Stove

Comes in different colors.


Comes in different colors.

Faux "Wooden" Jar

Part of a set of jars for the kitchen.



Largest and perhaps the rarest.



No "Cookie" marking on the jar, so it might not be designed as a cookie jar.


Basket of fruit

No "Cookie" marking on the jar, so it might not be designed as a cookie jar.  More convincing as a cookie Jar if it had a top of cookies instead of fruit!  Lid is quite similar to a dish shown on the "Care" page except for the lid base.  It does make a nice cookie jar.


Lane Ceramics



Cookie Time

In the book "The Collector's Encyclopedia of Cookie Jars" by Roerig, they mention that they have seen the label "Distinctive American Craftsmanship for Over Twenty-Five Years" on the jar (page 176, 1`997 edition) on this "Large Clock".  This is a Lane Ceramics label.   I have two identical jars...very sloppy airbrushing of clock face on both.  I also recently found one in Yellow with black lettering.  My jars have no markings or labels.

Rocking Horse

I have this both marked and unmarked.  Marked version:  "Lane Ceramics" on the bottom (no USA  or oval  around logo).

According to Tony Burns, "while at a National Cookie Jar Shows held in Nashville, Tennessee during the 1990s, Don Winton was walking by our booth when he stopped, examined this Lane Rocking Horse Cookie jar, and said "I designed this jar - Would you like for me to sign it?".  ( I now have this signed jar in my collection...tomg)


Butter Churn

Marked Lane Ceramics, USA.  Probably the most common and inexpensive of all Lane and Lane & Co jars.  Often found for $7-$20.


Marked Lane Ceramics, USA.  I have this in yellow and a light green (with a different knob on the top) also.  Could be used for things other than cookies, but has the look and feel of a cookie jar (heavy duty).

Modern Jar

No "Cookie" marking on the jar, so it might not be designed as a cookie jar.  Rather reminds me of a Holiday Ornament.  Marked Lane Ceramics, USA


Marked Lane Ceramics, USA.  Same words on both sides.  Never have seen one in a different color.



Both Marked Lane & Co, but the reproduction is about 1" shorter than the original (Fake is the jar on the right)..  Both of these are reproductions by JD...excellent quality and paint job.  The Sheriff Repro cost me more than the real jar on the left (around $200)!  The markings look authentic on the bottom of the jars.  My Indian also has "J.D.-94"  in black marker on the bottom (a good idea to keep them identified).  If you didn't know about the size difference, these would easily pass for authentic jars.  The only one you really have to watch for is the Indian Chief because of the price the original tends to bring.   Ask for the overall height of the jar to spot them.  I don't think most people know they are selling fakes.  I don't know how many color combinations were created by JD...the jars on the right are the color combinations I have.  Again...there is nothing wrong with buying a good reproduction...and they were being sold new by JD for $200 last time I's just too bad they were not marked as such.   There could be other reproductions out there, these are the two I know how to identify.   See Indian and Sheriff for sizes.


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